Simon Da Silva

MSc, PhD student in Computer Science

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I am a third year PhD student at University of Bordeaux, LaBRI, France.
I graduated from Bordeaux INP: ENSEIRB-MATMECA graduate school of engineering with a MSc in Telecommunications, specialized in Software Engineering for Computer Science and Networks.
My interests are video streaming, networks, cloud, blockchain, security, privacy, trusted execution environments.

Work Experience

Sep 2017 – now

University of Bordeaux, LaBRI, France

PhD student

I am currently working on a privacy-preserving edge-assisted video content delivery system.

  • Agile development: continuous integration, DevOps (Docker and Kubernetes), microservices, many scripts (test, deployment and setup)
  • I developed an HTTP proxy inside an SGX enclave (C/C++) to encrypt and anonymize all requests
  • Fake content queries are performed, both to fool attackers and to improve the system health by replicating content among peers

Technologies: C/C++, Python, Docker, SGX, Bash, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS

Sep 2017 – now


Graduate Teaching Assistant

I am teaching various modules as part of my PhD:

  • Network Programming
  • Distributed applications, webservices and API
  • Cloud Computing
  • Advanced projects

Technologies: C, Python, Docker, Sockets, Bash, JavaScript, NodeJS, Go, Swagger, etc.

Feb 2017 – Aug 2017

University of Bordeaux, LaBRI, France

Research Intern

I designed and developed MUSLIN, a dynamic server provisioning and content delivery system for multiple-source live streaming.

  • I created, implemented and deployed a ranking-based server provisioning and advertizing algorithm
  • The streaming system achieves higher end-user Quality of Experience and fairness than currently widespread systems
  • Dynamic provisioning based on feedbacks and network status monitoring allowed up to 18% less servers required compared to traditional approaches

Technologies: Java (Spring), Docker, Python, JavaScript, Salt

Jun 2016 - Sep 2016

Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

R&D Intern

I optimized and implemented an image recognition algorithm in two mobile applications (Android and iOS) for a major Australian company.

  • Agile methodology: regular meetings with the client, code reviews, demonstrations
  • I rewrote the algorithm in Java and Swift and used native language features to further improve performance
  • The first match success rate increased fivefold, and execution time divided by 100

Technologies: Java (Android), Swift (iOS), Android studio, Xcode, MATLAB, Python

Jul 2015 - Aug 2015

Orange (UIMP), Toulouse, France

Engineering Intern

I helped maintain Orange network facilities (formerly France Telecom).


University of Bordeaux, LaBRI, France

2017 - 2020

PhD Student

Advisors: D. Négru and L. Réveillère. Expected graduation October 2020.

Bordeaux INP - ENSEIRB-MATMECA, France

2014 - 2017

MSc - Telecommunications Engineering - With Honors

MSc in Telecommunications, specialized in Software Engineering for Computer Science and Networks - 1st / 56.

Lycée Déodat de Séverac, Toulouse, France

2012 - 2014

Higher School Preparatory Classes




We researched many ways to integrate a smart watch into a network of sensors. The project goal was to allow elder to people stay at home without external assistance, by providing them with a full range of information and help.



We created three connected objects linked through a custom Smart Home Center (intercom, temperature and electricity probes, localizable magnet/tag) using Python, C, MATLAB over Arduino and Raspberry Pi computers.

Google HashCode

Google HashCode

I teamed up with friends and colleagues to take part in Google HashCode team programming competitions (2016-2018).

One Minute Telecom

One Minute Telecom

We made a one minute video about Fourier Series for a school project.
"After a quick discussion with Mr Tesson, Fred has some questions about Fourier Series. What are they? How can they be used? Fortunately, Jamy knows the answers!"


Technical Skills



Full proficiency.


Native speaker.

Spanish - Portuguese

Good speaker, with several years of study and many travels.

Visited countries

I have visited 22 countries (last: South Africa). My next trip will be across Canada, USA and Mexico.

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